Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Orion's Belt

Experience the space shooter that's like nothing else available on the iPhone! Rise through the ranks of the Minatakan fleet from cook to squadron commander as you take the controls of an ultra-maneuverable space fighter. In this top-down action game you'll encounter multiple enemy ships programmed with powerful AI. You'll also need your wits to complete a challenging campaign loaded with strategic twists and turns.

Game Features:
- Fly 20 action-packed missions
- Deploy 4 different weapon types
- Earn new ships with better weaponry
- Customize the accelerometer controls to best fit your flight style
- Advance from flying solo missions to leading a squadron of fighters
- Complete the training missions to unlock SKIRMISH mode
- Upload your scores to win trophies and see who's the best of the best

via Gamedroid - Video reviews for iPhone games - Orion's Belt

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